Do you ever feel like your family isn't connecting? Does family life feel out of whack, disconnected, strained? Do you sometimes feel like your family life is on autopilot - shuttling, chauffeuring, traipsing, without pausing and ENJOYING?

I have BEEN there.

I created Table Talk Connection Cards & THIS TABLE TALK CONNECTION COURSE to help our family out of our disconnected SLUMP and back into Connection.

And they can do the same for your family. After all, they've already done it for others just like yours.

"Jessica Perkins is a strong, soft-hearted leader. She is an excellent listener. An advocate for self-care, play, compassion, and boundaries. Jessica is a joy to talk with and each conversation with her inspires me to growth and gratitude. She is an innovative community builder, business owner, and homeschooler. If you’re lucky enough to catch a moment of her time, you will be blessed beyond measure." - Christy T

"Jessica’s approach helps unpack sometimes challenging concepts through language that all of our family members can use and activities as we all enjoy. This promotes communication, self-awareness and a compassionate family culture." - Victoria D